A young monk dedicated to Irori's ideals of perfection.


LEVEL: 6 (Monk Ki Mystic 4/Cleric of Irori 2)
EXP: 31810 (Next Level at 35000) *Updated 1/25/13

RACE: Human (+2 Str, Monk Favored Class) ALIGNMENT: LN
INIT: +6 FOR: +9 REF: +5 WIL: +12
AC: 22 [F: 20 T: 21] HP: 56 (8 2 4 5 8 7)

STR 19 DEX 14 CON 14 INT 13 WIS 16(20) CHA 8

BA +4 CMB +9 (+11 grapple) CMD 28(30 grapple)
Unarmed +9 (1d10+4 x2)
*flurry +8/+8 (1d10+4 x2)
*flurry/power attack +6/+6 (1d10+8 x2)
*enlarged/magic wpn +9/+9 (2d8+6 x2)
*enlarged/magic wpn/power attack +7/+7 (2d8+10 x2)
Masterwork Longspear @+7 (@1d8+4 x3) @Broken by rust monsters - stats reduced
*power attack @+5 (@1d8+10 x3)
Sling +6 (1d6+4 x2)
Masterwork Shuriken (3) +7 (1d8+12 x3)
Alchemists Fire (2, though 1 is empty – unknowingly lost to the Hall of Dry Wind)

SKILLS: acrobatics 6, climb 1, perception 6, stealth 3, sense motive 1, spellcraft 2, knowledge (religion) 1, knowledge (arcane) 1, knowledge (history) 1, knowledge (nobility) 1, heal 1, survival 1, profession (gambling) 1, diplomacy 4, intimidate 1

Languages – common, Vudrani

FEATS: [4 level, 3 monk*] *stunning fist (5/day DC 18), improved initiative, toughness, *dodge, weapon focus – unarmed, *improved grapple, power attack

SPECIAL: trait – birthmark (holy symbol, +2 vs enchantments), trait – anatomy (+1 to confirm criticals), monk AC (wisdom bonus +1/+2 with monk’s robe), monk unarmed damage (1d8/1d10 with monk’s robe), evasion, channel energy (1d6 – 2/day), blast rune (1d6+1 selected energy type – 8/day), strength surge (+1 for one round – 8/day), monk movement +10, slow fall 20’, ki pool 9

The ki mystic believes that violence is sometimes necessary, but knowing and understanding is the true root of perfection. Through meditation and spiritual visions, a ki mystic can see beyond the veil of reality to the underlying truth of all existence. A ki mystic has the following class features.
Ki Mystic (Su): At 3rd level, a ki mystic gains a pool of ki points equal to his Wisdom modifier. The pool increases to 1/2 his monk level + his Wisdom modifier + 2 at level 4. If the monk has at least 1 point of ki in his ki pool, he gains a +2 bonus on all Knowledge skill checks. As a swift action, the monk can spend 1 ki point immediately before making an ability, or skill check to gain a +4 insight bonus on the check. This ability replaces still mind.

Cleric Spells (2nd level) – [DC 15+]
Domains: Rune, Strength
Orisons – detect magic, light, guidance
(4+1) 1st – enlarge, magic weapon, bless, prot from evil, obscuring mist

Magic Items:
bracers of armor +1, ring of protection +1, shrunken head, headband of wisdom +4, monk’s robe, wand of cure light wounds (10 charges), everburning torch, scrolls (comprehend languages, cure light wounds x2, magic weapon x3, protection from evil, enlarge person, invisibility to undead), potion of mage armor

Mundane Equipment:
Worn or Carried: masterwork longspear (4 points damage), blue dragon tooth, 50’ silk rope (worn around waist as a belt)
Satchel (containing stone scollcase (90gp), 5 basic scrollcases, shrunken head, wand of cure light wounds, magic scrolls and potions),
Backpack (bedroll, 4 pints of oil, hooded lantern, 6 pitons & hammer, grappling hook, healers kit with 30 uses, 4 basic scrollcases, robe bearing the symbol of the whispering tyrant, 10 days of rations)

Small Chest (Scribing components (175gp value), scrollcase with 9 sheets of parchment, pen & ink, leather-bound journal, manual of martial arts)

500gp invested in a small plot of land with a run-down shack being remodeled as a shrine of Irori.

Items kept in large chest in Hommlet
Books – History of Nirmathas, History of Ustalav, Book about the Whispering Tyrant, Manual of Martial Arts (partial copy), 3 Storybooks

-Explored the Crypts of the Everflame 1 QP
-Completed the First Test of Flame (fire ants) 1 QP
-Found the Mayor of Kassen’s murderer (Vinick) 1 Luck Roll
-Established a Temple to Irori (Vellumis) 1 QP
-Completed the Second Test of Flame (confronted future self) 1 QP
-Defeated Lareth the Beautiful 1 QP
Total QP 5
Total Luck Rolls 1


Sigil l1 op

Sigil’s Prayers

“Reconcile not to the world, but be tempered and made strong by the trials it presents.”

“Master of Masters, this humble disciple is enlightened by your divine perfection. Forgive me my doubts for I have them no more. I know now that I am but a sapling daunted by the loss of a few leaves in the face of coming Winter. But I will fear no more for I will weather the season and emerge stronger in the Spring.”

Communing with Irori

There are a few personal things I’d like to address regarding Sigil. I was thinking about them during the last game, but thought they might better be discussed out of game. To sum up his issues, A shrine to his god has been desecrated, he lost a companion in faith (Reginald) to another god after a terrible death (which happened on the last day of Smelting, no less!), and he lost two fingers in a battle – which to anyone else probably wouldn’t be a big deal, but it mars his sense of self-perfection greatly, and almost seems like a sign that he’s not living up to Irori’s standards (and to remind you, Irori’s symbol also happens to be a “five fingered hand”).

Sigil seriously needs rededicate and restock the shrine to Irori, then take a night to fast and meditate (maybe in a sweat lodge or an icy stream?), and ask for Irori’s favor and advice

Irori’s Message:
You are the sign of my touch on the world, are you not? I have marked you for the lands to see. Mortals call you Sigil after the marking I have left. I have separated you from all others as wheat is separated from the chafe. 17 years ago, I planted the seeds that have just now started yielding such a bountiful harvest of wheat. There is no intention of having that wheat rot in the fields or be turned aground to start over. I intend to use this supreme harvest to it’s fullest succor.

Have not other farmers seen harsh rain, sleet, beating and throbbing sundriven heat, or parched soil demanding water at one time or another?
And yet, the crops survive and the hearty crops amongst them even thrive.

But, you are not a crop or a straw of wheat. You are mortal.

And for mortals, is it not true that the best poets and bards are those that have loved and lost that love? They write about regaining love and that aspect is what touches the audience’s soul. Pain and strife are bedfellows to inspiration and creativity and most importantly… understanding. There is not one single exceptional being that has never known pain or defeat or a hard days labor. It is the losses and the mistakes that are your best teachers. The greatest fighters, greatest kings, and greatest sages all have valuable lessons through problems and defeats. I do not expect anything different from you.

You are driven to despair over your lost fingers, and you should be. Your desire should be an overall perfection. But I say this -
I am a GOD, I could wrap you in all the protections and bestow upon you immense powers to leave you want for nothing for the rest of your days. But then you will be useless to me, a pretty tool that is all decoration and no function. Instead, I want you as a strong and sturdy tool that will do the hard work that still must be done. You may see yourself bend at the strain of the harsh assignments, but it is your decision on whether you break.

I have told you once before in our prayers and yet you come to me without understanding, so I will say this once again:
What lies behind you and what lies ahead of you are of small consequence to what lies within you.

Seek Knowledge my avatar. Seek History so that the past is not doomed to be repeated. Seek your own Self- Perfection.

A Joke
A Joke – The Silent Monk
Once there was a young man who wished to join the Monastic Order of Irori called the Brotherhood of Tranquility. When he came before the Grandmaster to beg entrance he was told that only a man who had taken a vow of silence would be accepted. The young man agreed and spent the next year sitting quietly in a small room with only a pallet to sleep on and bread and soup to eat.

After a year the young man came again before the Grandmaster, who sat quietly in deep meditation. The Grandmaster slowly opened his eyes and said “Greetings, young man. You have made it a year without a sound spoken to anyone. You may now speak two words.” The young man thought for a moment and replied. “Bed. Hard.” The Grandmaster chuckled and said, “You are not ready. Perhaps next year.”

The young man returned to his small room and spent another year contemplating his life in silence. When that year was up he returned again to the Grandmaster, who woke from his meditations with a smile and said “Congratulations, you have succeeded in your vow for another year, young man. You may speak two more words.” The young man thought for another moment and replied, “Food. Bad.” The Grandmaster chuckled again, saying “You are still not ready. Perhaps next year.”

The young man, disheartened, but not defeated, returned to his small room, determined to survive another year of uncomfortable silence. When that year was up, he returned to the Grandmaster one more time. The Grandmaster raised an eyebrow and said, “You’re still here? Hmm.. Well you should know the drill by now. You get two words. Hurry up with them so I can get back to contemplating the inside of my eyelids.” The young man blinked at the Grandmaster for a moment, took a deep breath and said. “I. Quit!”

The Grandmaster laughed out loud at this response. “Well I’m not surprised!” He chortled. “You’ve done nothing but complain since you got here!”

Sigil’s Story
Seventeen years ago a boy was born in Kassen. He was named Sigil (pronounced Si-gel) for the rune-like birthmark on the back of his neck. When Sigil was five a sickness took his mother. His father, unable to care for his infant son alone, left him in the care of Ilimara, a local monk of Irori, who in turn took him to a secluded monastery or her order and left him in the care of the holy men and women that resided there. Sigil spent the next ten years as little more than a servant to the monks of Irori, but in that time his body grew strong from hard work and his mind grew keen from observing the wisdom and knowledge the monks possessed. At the age of eleven he begged to be accepted as a student, but the grandmaster of the monastery turned him away, saying “Perhaps next year”. After a year had passed, Sigil presented himself before the grandmaster again, and again the grandmaster turned him away, once more saying “Perhaps next year”. On his fourth request, the grandmaster accepted him, but under a condition that he return to Ilimara, the monk who had brought him to the monastery, and train under her. It was a bittersweet victory, because his desire to join the order now meant his leaving the only place he had every really considered home, returning to the town he barely remembered, and to train under a person he did not know. And to compound his troubles, soon after beginning his training back in Kassen, Sigil realized a few discouraging things about Ilimara. She was cold and distant, seemed to care little for him, and her skill in the martial arts fell far short of the discipline held by the masters of the monastery.


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