Religion for this world is composed of all the main Gods of the Pathfinder Patheon. No Sub Gods exist though. Religion is very important in this world, so I am only concentrating on the core set of Gods.
The biggest reason that religion is important is because I have a House Rules that both Clerics and Paladins must do key actions in order to progress through their faith and thus advance in levels (I.E gain Feats and/or spell levels). For Clerics, they must do something each level and for Paladins, it’s once every other level.

For example: Besmara (Temple of the Ocean). Clerics must accomplish one action item each level.

  • Mother/Father of the Sea * *. The Cleric needs to find and raise an abomination or Dire or Large version of a sea animal (or monster).
  • Marry to the Sea. . The Cleric publicly marries himself to the sea. Presenting vows and promises. This grants an additional Feat or Domain Spell, but also incurs the following: Alergic to Land. Long term stays on land produce Stat Drains. Additionally, there is an Anger towards Dwarves. Charisma, Diplomacy checks, and other related items are at a -2 penalty.
  • Anger at the Sea. As the sea is not tranquil or placid at all times, so shouldn’t the Cleric of the Sea. The Cleric presents curses and defiance in order to cleanse the Cleric’s Soul. Just as the storm sweeps clean the weeds of the sea, this Action spurs growth and change.
    (mental picture – Lt. Dan from Forest Gump).
  • Defeat Enemy of the Element of Water( must be same CR or above).
  • Tattoo . The PC creates, designs and gets inked with a special Tattoo dedicated to Besmara.

For followers of Besmara, they get Survival (ocean ONLY) as a class skill. For those with Survival as a class skill, they gain a +2 to that skill as a special Besmara insight bonus.

For the God Irori:
He has special days of every month. These are Called The Days of Smelting. They occur on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd of each month. Calendar . The Clerics or Paladins of Irori must then perform one of the following (known) trials. They must be completed within the 3 days or advancement is not achieved.

  • Trial of the Fire Ants
  • Trial of Fire and Water (Fire Water)
  • Marathon of Fire

Sigil’s Prayers to Irori
“On the Path to Perfection I will reconcile not to the world, but be tempered and made strong by the trials it presents.”

“Master of Masters, this humble disciple is enlightened by your divine perfection. Forgive me my doubts for I have them no more. I know now that I am but a sapling daunted by the loss of a few leaves in the face of coming Winter. But I will fear no more for I will weather the season and emerge stronger in the Spring.”

Deity Bonus: To Cleric and Paladins – they gain a special skill at research, books, and knowledge areas. Most of these bonuses are not “skill bonuses” per se, but roleplaying aspects.

For The God Iomadae:

She embodies :
Protecting and Defending/ Family
Destroying Undead

Armorer is a class skill for all worshipers.
Blood Brother — The Paladin must find a person to call " Blood Brother" and share some of his own spirit. Sacrificing some of himself in the process, as the new blood brother reciprocates.

Smite the Negative Energy – Quest against an advanced Undead. The DC usually has to be +1 above the PC’s level. He can get help, but the main quest is on the shoulders of the Cleric/Paladin.

Married to the Sword — The Paladin makes the decision and commitment to either find/marry a woman and start raising a family (but still remaining in the Army or acting as a Paladin) or take a vow of chastity and committing himself to “marrying Iomadae”. This is a dramatic and serious commitment as Iomadae is a jealous God and takes chastity commitments to her very serious. The religion also strongly supports family and the creation of more disciples through breeding.

Crafter of Spirit — Armorer is a class skill for all believers. Those already with the skill gain a +1 or +2 special adjustment – just like Clerics of Sheyln get a +2 to appraise checks. To complete this quest, the Paladin crafts a special and personal item out of metal using the Armorer skill. This item is given a similar bonus to a Divine Bond. (Usable only rarely and is parralleled to a celestial spirit aid).
The item has to be original and crafted from hand (no existing armor, shield or sword that is “upgraded”) , and the Paladin has to pay the material costs and use his skill to create. Failure and the item is left as slag and the paladin must redo the armoring on new material until successfully completed. This item can take the form of anything but must be made of metal, have the Iomadae symbol, and fully take up a “magic item slot” on the body.

Note: House Rules While the trials may be tough. Worshipers of the Gods gain the use of their mystical healing and Channel Positive Energy. Those that do not worship a God (AKA Heathens) are considered to have a “hardened heart” and thus only get 1/2 the benefits (rounded down) of spiritual healing. On the other hand, heathens only take 1/2 damage (rounded up) for negative energy. The reason for rounding up for “damage” and rounding down for “healing” is because pain and damage is more palpable and “real” to a heathen than spiritual healing. Arcane healing, and Demonic blood function normally for all users.


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