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  • The Nurmina Omen #4

    This was discovered right before the party explored the 4th floor on 04/06/2014. The Nurmina Omen #4: The ten trap THE ONE The ten trap eno eht Venture deep and you will reap Then unlock fire,water, air and rock Seek four gems and place in …

  • Sigil

    p=. !{width:36%;height:36%}http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/181908/Sigil-L1-OP.jpg(Sigil l1 op)! *Sigil's Prayers* "Reconcile not to the world, but be tempered and made strong by the trials it presents." "Master of Masters, this humble …

  • Lenark

    During the Irori trial of FireWater, the current Sigil feigned the role of an older Lenark. He did so, in order to convince a future version of himself that Irori was still a power in his life.

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