Temple of Elemental Evil

Fucking, Perfect
A Narrative from Sigil's POV


Once again Sir Reginald lay in a bloody heap at the feet of Lareth the Beautiful and his henchman, the same warrior who had defeated them both in the dungeons beneath the Moathouse a few months ago. Sigil clenched his teeth and only just managed to keep his own footing under the agony flowing from Lareth the Beautiful. Like drops of oil spreading across water, the evil cleric channeled his dark god’s power and fouled the world around him. For a time Thane had been able to counter the effects, but either he had reached his limits or the ship had drifted to far from the docks. The surge of a hastening spell and the continued barrage of magic missiles zipping over the railing and slamming into enemies meant Tobias was still in the fight, though apparently stranded on the docks as well and scraping the bottom of his magical barrel of tricks. The Halfling’s three-headed creature had been hacked back to whatever plane it came from and he apparently was unable to summon another. Sigil had been waiting for MyRo to jump from a shadow and turn the tide with a lucky stab, or at least provide a good distraction – but he was missing in action. Sigil was quickly developing the thought that this occasion was playing out like an encore production of their last encounter with Lareth and his minions.

Fucking, Perfect.

Sensing his advantage, Lareth called out in the manner of men used to proclaiming the superiority of their god and beliefs. “Your champion has fallen! You have failed! I am the doom that will strike you down and feed your souls to the terrifying power and glory that is Rovagug!”

The words battered at Sigil’s morale, but they also served to remind him of his own God and the tests he had braved to find perfection. Lareth had made a mistake thinking that Reginald was the source of their will to fight. The young paladin was strong and brave, but it was Irori that Sigil revered, and it was his example that he followed.

“Who says he was our champion?” Sigil called back at Lareth, his resolve becoming like steel in a forge. This close, he could see that Lareth’s henchman bore numerous wounds from his duel with Reginald, and that Lareth also bore similar wounds, though he had avoided the melee.

Had he also grunted in pain when Reginald’s sword slashed his henchman? If so, this fight is closer than it would seem.

Stepping into a defensive ki stance Sigil uttered a prayer to call upon Irori’s perfection and channeled the last of his reserves into a wave of his own ordered energy. Though weak and uncontrolled compared to what Thane was capable of, it could still bolster strength and heal minor wounds. It did the same for Lareth and his henchman as well, but that was a small price to pay if his prayer was answered.

Lareth channeled his god’s power again, but Sigil withstood it. His henchman attacked with expert skill, but Sigil managed to dodge and weave around his sword, avoiding one strike by the width of his robes. Then, pale and bloody, Reginald rose up behind him and joined the attack. Then from the webs the Halfling incanted a spell and the deck below the warrior grew slick with grease, sending him crashing to the ground. As he attempted to rise fist, foot, sword, and a swarm of magic missiles brought him low.

Defiant until the end, Lareth charged Sigil and swung his staff like an amateur. Sidestepping easily, he was rewarded for his effort with a combination of martial strikes that brought an end to whatever his vile role was within the Temple of Elemental evil.

Though the party had survived, they had never been this exhausted, injured, and spiritually and magically drained. Then Sigil noticed two things. One, Dala and a score of her thralls were approaching the boat, apparently having observed the battle from a safe distance. Second, My-Ro was unconscious near the front of the ship, apparently having succumbed to Lareth’s magic before sneaking close enough to get the drop on him. Sigil used his last prayer for him, but he was too injured to regain consciousness. Seeing My-Ro was stable for the moment, Sigil threw a rope to Tobias and Thane, and they were quickly brought aboard to help with healing the inured and searching the dead.

With the help of Dala’s thralls, most of which were sailors, the ship was maneuvered back to the dock. There, the captain of the ship extorted a few hundred gold pieces from the party to cover damages it sustained in the attack. Grudgingly paying the price, plus a little more for information about the attack on Tamran, the party soon left Nulb and rode for Homlett.

Nulb - Now THAT is a Surprise
Nulb Lareth Dala Waterside Hostel

On the 25th of Bastion — Write up from the perspective of MyRo.

After having led the group in a solid victory, driving off Lareth the Beautiful, and playing a pivotal role in slaying the Minotaurs on the second level of the Temple, My-Ro yielded leadership to Sigil. It proved to be the wrong but not too costly decision as Sigil immediately led the group after a small group of bandits that didn’t include Lareth. Having waisted 2+ days on the possible diversion the group finally arrived in Nulb hoping to still have a chance to find Lareth. Once in town, most of the group was charmed by the local Bard(?) Dahla(?) during their recon. The original plan was to stir the town up and drive either Lareth out of his rat hole or drive a rat out and have him lead My-Ro to Lareth. Instead, My-Ro had to go looking for the charmed group as no rats appeared. Luckily being charmed didn’t cost to group too much (yet) and My-Ro’s quick thinking broke-up the Bards plan to bilk someone out of a magic item.

From there the group surmised that there was only one place a force of 20+ men could be hiding. A boat. And off to the docks they went. Again, thanks to My-Ro’s amazing skills and leadership Lareth was quickly found, leaving town aboard a ship. And the battle began.

Lareth proved his strength by initially counterspelling a fireball but he couldn’t keep the party from boarding. Actually he was able to keep Reggie from boarding but Sigil and the bear quickly made mince meat of several pee-ons while My-Ro snuck aboard and faced off against three pee-ons of his own. The rest of the party aided with Magic Missiles, healing, and a well placed Fairy Dust spell. The battle seemed to finally be turning as Reggie was just about to make it aboard when Lareth raised his dead and directed them back into the battle. Now, it’s any one’s guess as to who will prevail.

Crushing the Earth Temple
Earth Temple Aespis Consortium

The heroes of Kassen descended into the temple for the…….. none of them were quite sure of how many times it had been, but this time they approached the Temple with a grim determination. They were going to make a big push to crack the 1st level of the temple – and even more determined that they would put an end to the group of Humans they had encountered in the last decent into Evil.

This time there were some changes – Karg had decided to persue a different direction and had left the group – but his replacement was one that was somewhat known to the group. An able healer who had shown potential on previous adventures. As they approached the temple Sigil and Myro decided it was time to deal with the pesky birds – the Temple lookouts – they opened up a salvo of missile shots and 3 horse size birds peeled off to attack the group. It was a quick encountered, with the birds being put to the sword quickly – the group quickly decided that instead of wasting their ammo and power on the birds, it was better directed to the Evil that lie within.

A quick recon of the 1st level of the temple revealed that there were several sentry posts – fortunately for the group, and thanks to the skills of myro and sigil, they were able to sneak up on the Bugbear sentry;s and dispatch them quickly. Sigil had spotted that there was at least one Bugbear sneaking around and spying on the group – so he cleverly set up a warning – using the dead monkey head, he set it at a strategic point in the dungeon which would warn us if we were being followed. Sure enough, as the group waited in a secret passage, the head went off with a wail “I’m here Mother Fucker, I’m here Mother Fucker, I’m here…..” (Ok, so I took a little liberty) – the group broke from their hiding and rushed to the location – quickly dispatching the confused and surprised Bugbear…. meanwhile, as only Myro can, Myro stayed behind to keep an eye on the rear – which is probably a good thing he did. Realizing he was in pitch blackness, he decided to light a sconce – his 6th sense stood him up as a Bugbear attacked and drew first blood. Surprised, Myro rolled, and broke free running to the group. The trap was sprung, the Temple guards had been waiting for us. Instead of pushing their advantage, they pulled back re-grouped – a tactical mistake. The Heroes counter attacked – forced the Temple guards back to a defensive position before throwing a well placed Fireball, decimating all but 2 of the 13 guards. The battle was over before it really began, with the hero’s taking initiative and ramming home their advantage.

The Heroes were lucky enough to take one prisoner – a bargain was struck and the guard spilt his guts and told the party where the barracks were located, total number of guards and other logistical information. The Heroes decided to push their advantage – they proceeded to push toward the guards barracks – unfortunately a bugbear guard spotted Myro and Sigil before they could get the upper hand. The Guards were alerted and proceeded to hold a defensive position. The Hero’s pushed forward, and fought what turned out to be their largest, longest and bloodiest battle thus far. The fight waged back and forth, Sir Reginald and Sigil stood firm on the front line – both sides traded blows, but the upper hand stayed with the hero’s. Exhausted, healing and offensive spell power depleted, the hero’s finally killed the last defender – It was a tough battle, but fortunately for the Hero’s no one lost their lives – but they definitely now know that the temple will not go down without a fight.

Around the Campfire
Freed Prisoners

The below story happened after the Heroes of Kassen first explored the Temple and liberated prisoners found on the “second” level.

As soon as the group leaves the Temple in the distance, with even the
Gargoyles atop the Front Gates exiting your view, some of the
prisoners break down in tears of relief, some wretch ( but have
nothing in their stomachs) from the long lasting knot in their
stomachs releasing for the first time in weeks.
“Are we safe?” Is a common question as you trek (slowly) to your
camping ground a 1/4 day away. Handing out extra weapons to the men at
arms, and hunting a wild mule provides a good meal for the ragged
group. Around the camp fire backgrounds are told.

Marin (the Barbarian) is in bad shape, they did not feed him for 5
weeks, as the capturers were worried he’d help in an escape. The
others gave him some food, but spare food was not to be had. He can’t
even eat he is so dehydrated and malnourished. He is from the Mammoth
Lands to the North. He traveled south and hooked up with an
adventuring party of 7. Their party was ambushed and only he and
Crespin have survived. He speaks for Crespin as Crespin is very quiet
most of the time. Questions directed at Crespin (or listening to him
mutter under his breath) gets you gibberish like," A good partner is
vital, you have to make bids, and you don’t want to take bags. Good
partner is so important. If you take too many bags, you get a 100
point penalty."

Marin indicates that Crespin was normal, but drank one of his potions
once , and wigged out, he talks like that all the time, but the prison
made things worse. Before capture, Crespin would occassionally make
stuff, drink or eat it and be lucid for short periods of time,

Crespin thinks it’s sad and votes to kill Marin to put him out of his
misery but he only says that once he(Marin) gets MUCH better.

Dakota – is a female merchant age 23 from Eranmus ( down south) .

Her older sister 29 (Charmaine – aka Char) were “Trading the
Encarthan”. They started in Eranmus with a shipfull of Copper and
Mythril ore to trade in Tamran, then buy religious items to trade in
Razmiran (smuggled) , animals to Vellumis and Calliphas. Books and
spices to Greengold.
Char was teaching Dakota the trade and this was Dakota’s maiden voyage
as a bonafide Merchant. She was previously considered a novice.
This time, they had a special shipment of wine all the way from
Alkenstar. They were captured onship and most of the crew killed. This
was after Vellumis about 4 weeks ago.

Both are very distraught over losing their fortunes, cargo,
ship(leased) and business.
Dakota is rethinking her career path and what’s important. Char is
rethinking things in another direction .
During the Campfire Chat where the freed prisoners give an account of themselves,when it’s Charmaine’s (Char) time, she tells a simliar story that her sister mentioned. Charmaine talks about how she is teaching her sister how to be a successful merchant, and feels deeply responsible for putting her into harms way at such a young age (you think that age 23 isn’t very young, but don’t comment as you are shy). During her story, Charmaine looks at each of her liberators with an evaluating eye. She gives you a long gaze, then breaks into a huge smile (it’s a very warm smile, but the attention a pretty woman gives you may make you uncomfortable.). The story continues and she sounds like a very accomplished merchant. She’s dedicated her life to her career, and always strove to become one of the best. While she didn’t have a lot of great contacts around the Eranin Sea, she seemed well established in her home city, until she just lost her fortune. She makes references to being both “broke and an old maid”.
She is certainly not an old maid, as she’s very lithe and attractive!

The story telling moves onto other people, but Charmaine still seems to be looking at you for much of the evening. Even while eating some of the cooked jackass, she mouths " thank you" to you.

Later that evening, weapons are given to Sylmar, Lee and Marin. Not trusting the newcomers, but appreciating the extra help on watches, the three of them are paired off with the rest of your party. You have the last watch, so you settle into your bedroll and close your eyes for sleep. Movement close to you gathers your attention. You see Charmaine with a blanket move towards you and sits down next to you.
“One of the things I didn’t mention around the campfire”, Charmaine’s soothing, whispering voice says without introduction, " is that I was so terribly scared. Not exactly scared of dying, or how I’d die, but scared that I had not really LIVED."
(( you react as you would. Unless interrupted or you run away, she continues)).
"I have done nothing but work, and work my whole life. While I’ve tasted fine wines, and slept in palace chambers, being locked in that dark room gave me time to think. (staring at you and gauging your reaction) Maybe too much time to think. "
“I promised myself that if I survived, I’d know what it is like to be a mom. I MUST have a child. Yes, I’m an old maid, and not as attractive of a woman that a powerful (extra soothing emphasis) man like you are probably used to……. But I’m the only woman around – and you aren’t married.”
" I have nothing to lose, so I hope you don’t mind if I take what I want. " ((and almost under her breath…. and if you do mind, I am very good at changing people’s minds))

She reclines a bit and instead of sitting next to you, she is now lying next to you. The blanket that covered her, is gently smoothed out to cover both her and part of your bed roll.

She doesn’t talk anymore. She only moves her hands, and then her body. Oooohhhh, how well she moves her body. Any attempts by you to resist are met with a longing look from her beautiful eyes. Any words from you, and she whispers , “shhh” as she puts her finger over your mouth.

She moves her body.

She moves her body.

She whispers, almost to herself and not to you, " I want a baby".

" I want a baby before I die."

Heard from the bedroll by those on watch:
Oh God.
Oh God.
Oh God.
Oh God.

[[:sigil | Charmaine]]

Sickness and Dreams
Tobias and Sigil

It was mid week, and Tobias had just risen out of bed. How many days had it been? and how many nightmares had he had? The sickness had come on quickly and he was lucky that they were close to Hamlet when it overtook him. The nightmares had been particularly bad, especially the one where Tobias and Sigil had come across a locked door deep within the Temple. After a tap of the Wand, the door fell open and they had both wandered in. Surreal, they walked for what felt like 30 minutes yet had only covered 20 feet. They heard some murmured laughter in the blackness – Tobias raised his staff to shed some light on their surroundings, only to find tattered ruins of books and tombs. Sigil fell to his feet and quickly, almost with reckless abandoned search frantically through the books. Each book was the same, and each crumbled to dust as he touched them. The laughter intensified as figures approached. Tobias could make them out as they appeared, Holy men, dressed in Holy garb. Sigil became more frantic as the laughter intensified, then all of a sudden Sigil cried out in grief – “No, No, Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!” wailing and crying over and over. The Holy men came closer, Tobias could smell the stench on their breath as their mouths lay agape. Tobias looked down, and there held in Sigil’s hand was the cover of a book, the name clearly outlined….

“The Holy Book of Irori”

Laughter, now turned to roars, the Holy men descended onto Sigil, sobs turning to cries of pain.

My-Ro's Experience

My-Ro’s first day in the Temple was a pretty busy one. Several fights against Gnolls and Hobgoblins had gone well and the group was working together. He’d also felt good leading the search for traps and loot and was really settling into his position on the team. But it was the start of the next day that really made him think. The group had previously explored an area of the first level that held several Ghouls and had left a door unchecked. It was decided to check that door before exploring other areas. Down a long hallway behind that door My-Ro found the murderer of his father. Seeing red, My-Ro was single mindedly set on ending Revis the Bard’s story. Revis, however, wasn’t a fool and was in the presence of several of his pets. 3 Ardorwisps to be exact. A quick plan was put together thinking Revis might actually be in danger from the insect-like creatures but Revis threw a wrench into that plan when his charming voice called for help to protect him from the bugs. Sigil sprang into action, preparing himself to separate Revis from the threat. My-Ro knew better than to trust the Bard and turned to Reginald to help him clear the Ardorwisps so he could take on Revis directly. As the beasts charged in Reggie moved to engage the first and allow My-Ro to tumble through, leaving him just feet from the prize. As the group fought the Ardorwisps, My-Ro moved in on Revis striking once before the Bard could separate himself with a Dazing spell. Unfortunately for the minstril, the initial stoke of My-Ro’s blade carried a poison that surged through his veins, leaving him near crippled. A bow shot from the Rogue as Revis fled began the chase. Ultimately Revis’ initial treatury circled round to bit him in the ass as Sigil, still charmed, used a calmer head and was able to use his skills to find Revis trying to run down a new passageway. Not going to be swayed from his kill, My-Ro tested Sigil’s resolve to protect Revis and a small scuffle between the two friends ensued leaving Revis one final attempt to break free. Revis used his opportunity to cast an offensive spell against My-Ro. The deception was detected by Sigil and the charm was broken. One slash of My-Ro’s blade put the Bard down and a truly enjoyed coup-de-gras followed. Looking back at it, My-Ro felt good to have avenged his fathers murder but was a little scared of the feelings he felt when decapitating Revis. No matter how this second day in the Temple ends My-Ro won’t be looking to fondly upon it.

Claiming Sir Reginald
Kassen Sir Reginald Sigil Irori

Sunday the 13th of the Zenith month.

The day starts with discussion between Sir Reginald and Sigil debating the impact of his change of faith ( from Irori to Immodae) on both Reggie and the rest of the party. The conversation gets mildly heated as Sigil exchanges some pointed verbal barbs about the need to get himself right and to properly separate from Irori. Sir Reginald goes out on his own and revisits the Temple of Immodae to envelope himself in her righteous splendor. While there, The local priests comment how there is a semi-anonymous gift that was left for him. It was a well made sword breaker with an engraved inscription: “Take this tool to constantly remind you to be vigilant. Evil has designed many things to try and break The Sword.”
( Note: This is a Special item. Masterwork at Level 2. Plus 1 at Level 4. Plus 2 at level 8 with Evil DR, Plus 3 at level 12. Plus 4 at level 16. See Magic Items tab for more information.)

Feeling that his new God -Immodae – was calling him more and more to be a devoted servant, Sir Reginald decided he needed to resolve this conflict of faith. During earlier soul searching, he was guided to sacrifice an Ox to appease Irori as a symbolic gesture. " For once you used a Ox to help in your work, now you have chosen a horse". But he was also advised to uphold and honor the Ox (for it’s service) by letting it die and allowing it’s soul to have peace. His work was not done until he protected it from vermin and buzzards seeking to spoil it’s death.
He and Sigil bought the ox and sought the Temple of Irori. In the courtyard of the church complex, was a large garden with a small hedgemaze. In the center of the garden was an alter to praise Irori. There Sir Reginald cast aside all of his armor, sheilds,and most of his belongings (as most items had peity to Immodae on them) to stand in common clothes with the new swordbreaker in his hand. In one deathly plunge to the back of the neck, he smote the Ox. Dropping it to the ground with endless streams of blood gushing from it and down the gratings in the garden. Quickly three Fire Beetles sprung from the grating to feast on the flesh. With desperation to save the Ox, Sir Reginald was repeatedly bloodied as he opened himself to attack in order to fend off the scavengers seeking the dead animal. With Swordbreaker flashing, he slashed and gashed to victory….. and then waited. 4 hours later, The Stirges swooped in from the air. With the bloodsuckers attached to his neck and stomach, he fought them with vigor and beat them back from his sacrifice.
8 hours later, a pack of Hyenas emerged from the HedgeMaze. Working in unison, they feinted, and circled Sir Reginald and the bloody altar. Taunting in their laughing bark, they got him out of position and sprung to rend the Ox and escape with their meal. But, Sir Reginald’s skill was supreme and he deftly killed two of them. The one remaining had been able to chomp a hefty flank of the ox and was quickly dragging it off to the safety of the hedge. Drained of health from three tough combats with no armor to protect him, a deep fatigue from lack of sleep, and his general human weakness taking it’s toll, Sir Reginald chased the Hyena down and overtook it with a desperate gambit. He had left himself wide open to it’s vicious jaws. With the luck of someone blessed by the god’s, the Hyena did not want to drop it’s meal to attack and instead ran for the maze with all it’s vigor. Only to be dropped by a parting shot from Sir Reginald and his deadly new blade.

With barely an ounce of life left (3 HP’s), Sir Reginald slumped to the ground . The vermin and buzzards defeated as the remains of the ox turned to a mound of dust and filtered through the sacrificial grate.

Meanwhile, Inside the compound, the local Priest and Sigil watched the events unfold. When the Preist turned to Sigil and asked how much he can charge Sir Reginald for using his church. Sigil, giving no quarter even to a friend and told him that he can probably get as much as 200 GP out of the fighter. The cleric is stunned at the prospect of getting such a huge bounty. After some thought on it, he instead asks for 150, which totally drains Sir Reginald of his money.

While empty of life, energy and money, Sir Reginald does feel better that his situation with Irori is almost rectified. Almost.
Death in Kassen
Kassen Myro Mayor Uptal

The Heroes of Kassen spend three days in Vigil re-supplying, researching
magic and the history of the region, making contacts, and in the case of Sir
Reginald, changing spiritual allegiance from Irori to Iomidae and rescuing children
from deadly public fountains.

Purchasing new horses to pull the wagon, the Heroes travel south to Kassen to deal with the death of the mayor, MyRo’s father. While camping near the site where they were attacked by a random flock of stirges just a few days prior, the Heroes are attacked again – this time by a random pack of werewolves. Barely fending them off the Heroes flee to Homlett where Jaroo uses his magic to prevent those bitten in the attack from developing lycanthropy and randomly attacking adventurers under the next full moon. Continuing on to Kassen the ferryman errors in the Heroes’ favor, accidentally dropping them closer to the village. At the village the Heroes are given a warm welcome, with the exception of Tobias who is turned away by his old master who holds him responsible for the death of his cat. Unfortunately, they are also informed that they missed the Mayor’s funeral and that his body has already been buried. Sigil and Reginald track down the boy Reginald left to tend the shrine of Irori and discover that he gas not only shirked his duty, but robbed the shrine and scorned Irori. After punching the thief’s lights out in defense of his god, Sigil takes him to the local constable for justice. While speaking to the constable it is learned that an investigation into the Mayor’s death determined that both the mayor and his dog were poisoned, but where the poison came from and how it was delivered remained a mystery. Intent on investigating the Mayor’s death personally, the Heroes search the mayor’s home, initially seeking clues that his death was somehow related to the magical snake they encountered at the Moathouse and later suspected of attacking, poisoning, and causing the death of their merchant friend and the armorsmith of Hommlet. After an exhausting search they eventually discover a suspicious bottle of an herblike substance placed with other common herbs recently acquired by the Mayor’s cook from a traveling merchant, then used on the Mayor’s last meal. Though currently non-poisonous, the true nature of the substance eludes all identification, but is the only common link between the death of mayor and his dog. On another note, the Elders of Kassen seem to already have a candidate in mind to replace the mayor – a man from the capital city of Nirmathas, whom the Heroes suspect of being part of a conspiracy to change leadership in Kassen- a man named Counselor Vinick.
Dieing Is Easy

Sunday the 22nd of Young —
Are you ready? Are you prepared? Is that fear that is making your skin crawl?

There’s only 3 of the remaining Heroes of Kassen left alive, and you are currently staring at the demented architecture of an enormous Cathedral dedicated to destruction. The two stone gargoyles at the gates beckon you in with a malicious glee that suggests they were crafted by an otherworldly sculptor. This whole place looks like it couldn’t be built by humans, for humans just don’t have that much capacity for evil – or do they?

Your thoughts go back to your own self.
Do you have enough inner strength?
Is this worth it to venture forth? Yes, The Moat House was very profitable with lots of items of power, but dangerous at every turn.
Do you really want to have the chance to die here? In this horrible place?

As you learned from Sir Reginald, Dieing is Easy.
Toee cover

Death in the Moat House

On Saturday the 21st of Young Month to Sunday the 22nd.

Unable to immediately rescue Reginald from the dungeons of the Moathouse,
Qwejibo and blind Tobias dragged unconscious Sigil back to Hommlet,
gathering the half-orc Karg along the way. (Being a Half-orc, Karg had to
use some of his Inquisitor magic to sneak into town and lay low at
Sheila’s). The others went to the druid Jaroo, who used his magic to heal
Sigil and remove Tobias’ blindness. Meanwhile, MyRo managed to find his own
way out of the ghoul caves and back to the Village, reuniting with everyone
at Reginald’s aunt’s cottage (MyRo was pissed that we “left him behind”).
The story of the fight at the Moathouse made its way around town, the
militia and the Badgers were soon on alert, and when the group decided to
return to the Moathouse to rescue Reginald, Mitch the Miller (and his dog)
volunteered to go along too. Unable to explain Karg easily, he was sent
ahead with MyRo to meet us on route, and at the rendevous Mitch seemed to
accept the half-orc with only mild caution.

Back at the Moathouse, the group found the dungeons abandoned. Only the
looted bodies of a few soldiers and Reginald, who appeared to have been
finished off by a sword thrust through the chest, remained. Through a door
trapped by magic (which we assumed the retreating soldier’s couldn’t pass
without their cleric leader Larith to open it safely), we found what we
assumed was Larith’s personal chamber. In his chamber we found a little
random treasure, but the real object of value was a magical crystal ball
(Tobias is currently attempting to figure it out).

Searching for clues of where the soldier’s had gone, Mitch the Miller found
recent tracks of horses in the dungeon, which led from a previously
undiscovered armory and stable (both now empty) concealed through doors
behind the garbage in the Ogre’s chamber. We also descended to a lower
chamber containing a pool of water, where a giant crab nearly killed Sigil
before it was driven off. On the far side of pool, in a sealed scrollcase,
we found a scroll with a few wizard spells (see the Treasure email).

The Moathouse completely explored (as far as we can tell), the group
returned to Hommlet with Reginald’s body, which we took to the Temple of
Erestil and had preserved until he could be taken back to Kassen. Though
Reginald’s death is tragic, village of Hommlet seems more accepting of our
group, and many residents are planning to honor the paladin with a feast of

Not wanting the trail of our enemies to grow cold, the group left early the
next morning to find the men who fled the Moathouse. They followed their
tracks in a winding course along roads and paths through the forest for most
of the day, and as the sun set they came to a large ruined structure – The
Temple of Elemental Evil.


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