Temple of Elemental Evil

Gathering Information

I forgot to include the date on the last entry: 12th of Young in the year of 4710.

To continue: While in the Inn of the welcome Wench, they noticed that the Inn was full of lively characters. One was a heavy boozer and storyteller named Servjin. A fantastic performing bard that brought in his share of the local women/girls, Merchants with bodyguards, along with a thick, stocky human (with battle scars) who was taking instruction from another human with a shaved head and top not ponytail.

Being newly minted adventurers (but also heroes of Kassen), and not used to adventuring on non-hostile territory, the party established ground rules for night watches, and general precautions to not be caught unaware.

13th of Young in the year 4710: The next morning, they decided to see if they can be more economical and stay at Aunt Sheila’s house instead of the Inn. They make their way to the still under construction Keep of Burn and Rufus. They announce themselves and find that they are instead only able to speak to the House Steward. The PC’s present Aunt Sheila’s letter as proof of relationship and get permission to open up her house. The party are given an armed escort from one of Burn’s Badgers (Enstad), so the villagers don’t think of the PC’s as thieves. Once at the house, the PC’s insult Enstad and become mildly confrontational. Kassen’s Heroes would later attempt to push the buttons of the same Badger (Enstad), by being smug and disrespectful when returning the captured brigands. While in the house, they discover that Sheila Vetnar had some broken/sundered weapons with strange symbols on them (images forthcoming). No one could recognize them, but they did think that they were religious in someway.

Being early afternoon, the four adventurers then make their way to the newly built church of Erastil. They meet Canon Calmer (a priest of 6 months in the village) and purchase two vials of holywater (10gp's each), plus get some additional information on Ustalav, LastWall, and The Whispering Tyrant. They lie to the Canon and make him think they are headed North to the Capital of Lastwall or Ustalav, so the Canon pulls Sir Reginald aside and asks for assistance in keeping an eye out for Priestess Y'del (or Cannoness), who normally heads the church but has left to an unknown place on an unknown mission and has not given any updates to the clergy. The clerics are now getting worried and seek Sir Reginland's discreet assistance. He agrees.

Part three - Someone else please write the update for Part three the meeting of the head of the Women’s Circle -Shelob and their travel to the Moat House, and attack of the Brigands.

Getting Information
The party of young adventurers arrived in Hommlet and settled on staying at The Inn of the Welcome Wench. They purposely sat in a secure corner of the Inn enjoying their food and beverages, all the while watching the other customers and keeping a low profile. Some people, that look like local townsfolk, walk bye and give welcoming nods and salutes with their mugs of ale, but leave the party alone. Questions to the tavern-owner don’t yield many answers about any danger to the town or information on a temple of evil. The party feels that either the town doesn’t have a problem; and Sir Reginald’s Aunt Sheila is mistaken; the people they have spoken to have their heads in the sand, the town is hiding something (or in on the evil), or they just aren’t opening up to newcomers/strangers. The following is gleaned:
  • The temple was in power over 10 years ago and haunted the local area. It was linked to forces representing The Whispering Tyrant from Gallowspire (located far north). They built a place 2 hours away from Hommlet called The Moat house to act as a staging area to raid the local area and kidnap/capture people. Survivors said their job was to be used as slave labor in building another fortress farther East.
  • The people of Hommlet and the paladins of Lastwall joined forces to smash the Temple and use powerful magic to clear the Temple of it’s evil. They then went back and demolished The Moat House.
  • Nulb is a town along the river that is filled with flotsam and jetsum. Most of the party is told to stay away.
  • Merchant trains have had a harder time reaching the city unmolested. The people think these problems are caused by the Orcs from the West.
Crypt of the Everflame

So Far: The party adventures to the Crypt of the Town hero and founder (Kassen). It is a rite of passage to prove that they are men. Events turn deadly when skeletons and traps threaten the party at each turn. They spend many days within the crypt exploring to save the surviving damsel in distress and destroy the evil that has taken over the burial tomb. The four hearty citizens make their way through tough terrain and various enemies to reach Askar the skeletal knight that is creating the undead army. They smite him and save the town, the damsel in distress, and astrange cleric of a long dead religion (Father Vaughnn). They return to town ad after a somber week of mourning, the town turns to congratulate and praise their homegrown heroes.

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