Temple of Elemental Evil

Temple Gives a Handout

Game Day: 03/22/2014
“The Temple Gives a Handout”

MyRo backs out again on returning to the group and departs for Vellumis.

On the return to Hommlett, the Heroes of Kassen spot a flight of mounted wyverns. One rider wore a mask associated with Razmiran. The group hides and follows them, finding that they stopped briefly at a holy site to Cayden Cailen before moving on to parts unknown. The Heroes perform a ritual and are blessed with luck for the next few days.

Return to Hommlett, talk with Jaroo, and recruit an Elven sorcerer to aid in the continued exploration of the Temple of Elemental Evil.

Defeat the last vestiges of the Fire Temple and destroy its altar. Recover chest hidden in fire pit, but Reginald loses a hand when he reaches for an intelligent longsword called “Flamequencher” stored within.

Realizing the other defeated temples likely hid treasure in their sanctums, the group searches and loots all previously explored areas and gathers even more treasure.


SpeedyCorbin SpeedyCorbin

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