The Nurmina

Mysterious Relic that appears to be revealing future Omens


Description: It is a huge tome resting on a pedestal. The book is a paradox
in that it looks eons old and yet newly bound with fresh crisp pages and barely dry thick black ink. Tobias’s trained reading mind estimates that the book has at least 500 pages and it’s probably ¾ of the way open.

In the 10’ area you are able to view, the book sits centerstage and
prominent. Even resting in the pedestal like a king sitting on his throne.

Location: In the city Vigil within Castle Overwatch which is located on a hill called The Watchers Tor in the direct middle of the city.

The PC’s can view this book through their Crystal Ball. The Book apparently has “locked in” the crystal ball and prevents the ball from working Normally.
One PC – Sir Reginald – has actually viewed the Nurmina. But, somehow can not recall the event in his conscious memory.

Recent Update On the 6th of the Month of Dreams – Dominus Reginald reveals to the party that his memory has partially returned concerning the Nurmina. He mentions that he was told the Nurmina is a in fact an important relic. It is linked to an Avatar of Iroden and also the Harlot Queen of Geb. It is because of the link to Geb, and it’s possible use as a weapon to eventually destroy the Harlot Queen, it is both vital and vulnerable. Dominus Reginald does not go into great detail, but Sigil and the rest of the party are intrigued by these revelations.


Omens Revealed:
Omen #1: The writing on the pages are large, clear, and bold:
When the eye that can not see becomes no more
And the shackles that bind wind no longer roars
He who has twice died, lives again at a great price.
And the good are without a shield to doom him thrice
After 18 jubilees, the world will be sad and the sky cries.
The last shall fall and the first shall rise.

Only then will the pure flesh be ripped away and the calloused flesh remain.

Omen #2:
On three, in six, lies nine,
For none shall ever see
Vile good cloaked by fair evil- for eternity.
Answer, Answerer, where is your power prey?
With the help of the whelp of Aroden
from here until doomsday.

Omen #3:
Omen #3
The New Nurmina omen:
The Four united, in the past
a place to build, and spells to cast.
Their power grew, and took the land
and people round, as they had planned.

A key without a lock they made
of gold and gems, and overlaid
with spells, a tool for men to wield
to force the powers of Good to yield.

But armies came, their weapons bared,
while evil was yet unprepared.
The Hart was followed by the Crowns
and Moon, and people of the towns.

The four were split; most got away
but He, when came the judgement day,
did break the key, and sent the rocks
to boxes four, with magic locks.

In doing so, He fell behind
as others escaped; he was confined
among his own; the very lair
became the prison and despair.

Omen #4:
The ten trap THE ONE
The ten trap eno eht

Venture deep and you will reap
Then unlock fire,water, air and rock

Seek four gems and place in skull
but, keep your wits from being dull
and you might find the pillars three
To use, and take and make Good men free

The Nurmina

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