Scabbard of Vigor

Magic Scabbard that is a special product of LastWall


This items can perform the following magical abilities on the weapon or it’s owner that it has be attuned to. Attuning takes about a week or more to happen.

Endow weapon with enhancement bonus once per day, limited to these two options:
+2 5 rounds
+1 10 rounds
Dispel Fatigue 1/week on all within 5 foot radius.
Reduced need for sleep – half sleep to feel fully rejuvenated.

The scabbard only works for slashing and piercing weapons only. No blunt or thrown weapons – in fact, you can not invigorate your spear and throw it. When let go, the magic dissipates.

If an already existing magic weapon is attuned, that weapon can only be given an additional +1 enhancement.
A +1 weapon can be enhanced to +2 for 5 rounds.
A +2 weapon can be enhanced to +3 for 3 rounds.
A +3 weapon can be enhanced to +4 for 1 round.


This Scabbard was found in The Temple on the third level with the Mercenary band that Tobias fireballed into dust. This was purchased by Sigil after a division of group treasure.

Scabbard of Vigor

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