Iomadae Sword Breaker

A well made sword breaker with an engraved inscription:

weapon (melee)

The engraved inscription: “Take this tool to constantly remind you to be vigilant. Evil has designed many things to try and break The Sword.”

Note: This is a Special item. Masterwork at Level 2. Plus 1 at Level 4. Plus 2 at level 8 with Evil DR, Plus 3 at level 12. Plus 4 at level 16.

This item is a juxtaposition as it’s obviously a sword made specifically for the Church of Iomadae, but her normal symbol is that of a Long Sword.

The sword-breaker was specifically crafted for Sir Reginald and given to him in the City of Tamran (The City has since been destroyed by an invading army). Sir Reginald has experienced a strange event or two related to the sword-breaker and has a feeling that there’s more abilities than currently known.

Some unknown time later another inscription appeared: The sword-breaker of truth, fly swift and sure, that evil die and good endure!
Sir Reginald Vetner
Claiming Sir Reginald


Iomadae Sword Breaker

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