Char is a reasonably attractive but older woman (in her late 20's) that was greatly scared by her abduction and inprisonment at The Temple. She feels that her life is devoid of accomplishment and is now seeking to become a mother.

(Charmaine – aka Char) is age 29

Current girlfriend of Sigil.
Dominating personality, forceful in most conversations. Always opinionated.

She’s a trading merchant. Expertise in “Trading the
Encarthan”. Her and her sister would start by trading in Eranmus with a shipful of Copper and
Mythril ore to trade in Tamran, then buy religious items to trade in
Razmiran (smuggled) , animals to Vellumis and Calliphas. Books and
spices to Greengold.
Char was teaching Dakota the trade and this was Dakota’s maiden voyage
as a bonafide merchant. She was previously considered a novice.
This time, they had a special shipment of wine all the way from
Alkenstar. They were captured by pirates while sailing near Lastwall and most of the crew were killed.

Sister is named: Dakota – is a female merchant age 23 from Eranmus ( down south) .


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