Temple of Elemental Evil

Sickness and Dreams

Tobias and Sigil

It was mid week, and Tobias had just risen out of bed. How many days had it been? and how many nightmares had he had? The sickness had come on quickly and he was lucky that they were close to Hamlet when it overtook him. The nightmares had been particularly bad, especially the one where Tobias and Sigil had come across a locked door deep within the Temple. After a tap of the Wand, the door fell open and they had both wandered in. Surreal, they walked for what felt like 30 minutes yet had only covered 20 feet. They heard some murmured laughter in the blackness – Tobias raised his staff to shed some light on their surroundings, only to find tattered ruins of books and tombs. Sigil fell to his feet and quickly, almost with reckless abandoned search frantically through the books. Each book was the same, and each crumbled to dust as he touched them. The laughter intensified as figures approached. Tobias could make them out as they appeared, Holy men, dressed in Holy garb. Sigil became more frantic as the laughter intensified, then all of a sudden Sigil cried out in grief – “No, No, Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!” wailing and crying over and over. The Holy men came closer, Tobias could smell the stench on their breath as their mouths lay agape. Tobias looked down, and there held in Sigil’s hand was the cover of a book, the name clearly outlined….

“The Holy Book of Irori”

Laughter, now turned to roars, the Holy men descended onto Sigil, sobs turning to cries of pain.


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