Temple of Elemental Evil

Nulb - Now THAT is a Surprise

Nulb Lareth Dala Waterside Hostel

On the 25th of Bastion — Write up from the perspective of MyRo.

After having led the group in a solid victory, driving off Lareth the Beautiful, and playing a pivotal role in slaying the Minotaurs on the second level of the Temple, My-Ro yielded leadership to Sigil. It proved to be the wrong but not too costly decision as Sigil immediately led the group after a small group of bandits that didn’t include Lareth. Having waisted 2+ days on the possible diversion the group finally arrived in Nulb hoping to still have a chance to find Lareth. Once in town, most of the group was charmed by the local Bard(?) Dahla(?) during their recon. The original plan was to stir the town up and drive either Lareth out of his rat hole or drive a rat out and have him lead My-Ro to Lareth. Instead, My-Ro had to go looking for the charmed group as no rats appeared. Luckily being charmed didn’t cost to group too much (yet) and My-Ro’s quick thinking broke-up the Bards plan to bilk someone out of a magic item.

From there the group surmised that there was only one place a force of 20+ men could be hiding. A boat. And off to the docks they went. Again, thanks to My-Ro’s amazing skills and leadership Lareth was quickly found, leaving town aboard a ship. And the battle began.

Lareth proved his strength by initially counterspelling a fireball but he couldn’t keep the party from boarding. Actually he was able to keep Reggie from boarding but Sigil and the bear quickly made mince meat of several pee-ons while My-Ro snuck aboard and faced off against three pee-ons of his own. The rest of the party aided with Magic Missiles, healing, and a well placed Fairy Dust spell. The battle seemed to finally be turning as Reggie was just about to make it aboard when Lareth raised his dead and directed them back into the battle. Now, it’s any one’s guess as to who will prevail.


SpeedyCorbin SpeedyCorbin

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