Temple of Elemental Evil

Furballs and Fireballs

Bugbears Air Temple

Game summary from the past three games (8/17 and 9/2, and 1/25/2013)
The party made it’s way to the earthquake trampled village of Hommlet. The civic leaders (Dominus Reginald and Signour Sigil), and an aspiring “player” in MyRo, rush to the people’s aid with money, manpower, and inspirational speeches. The village rallies together against the natural destruction. All members of the party get a sense of belonging from this community of people. It takes 9 days to sort various things out, but the Heroes of Lassen leave Hommlet stable and rebounding. Their next challenge : To dive back into the Temple and try to explore it’s heart.

Now at the stairway to the third level of this enormous temple, the party can almost taste a stronger and sinister evil awaiting below. One more prepared for them than the Earth Faction that followed the bringer of Chaos — Rovagug. Walking down those stairs the Heroes encounter a vast room where Minatours lay a cunning trap for our fair band. Doing their best not to get trampled (much ) by the raging beasts they match powerful blow with powerful blow. They claim a few magical prizes and find a bewildering throne that they promise to research later. Another room has a choker-creature that nearly brings about the demise of Tobias. Further exploration down an exceedingly long hall reveals both a standard room door and a secret door to another hall. While the party was split, some decide to investigate the door. In it are a bunch of easy to kill Bugbears. Too bad the pit trap in the middle of the room was not so easy to overcome. Sir Reginald fell out of the action – and into the pit causing the other members like Tobias and Thane to have to battle toe to toe with the Bugbears. A thrilling and challenging combat ensued. Once the others got out of the pit or made their way back to the party they charged headlong into the ranks of a support group of Bugbears. Realizing the trap that was set too late. The party got flanked by hidden Bugbears standing on special lips near the ceiling. They dropped down and the party was once again harried and fighting for their very survival. Tobias fireballed a handful of them into char with scorching arcane might, but a counter volley of crossbow bolts struck and cracked his skull.

At some point, the tide turned and the PC’s gained dominance – forcing the Cleric of the Air Temple (Kelno The Prefect) to flee the battle and his lodgings. An investigation of his room revealed an odd “gilding”. It appeared that Kelno had and displayed great wealth, but careful examination of his items showed that it was all a ruse. For what reason Kelno would try to maintain an appearance of wealth, yet have a paltry sum (much to the dismay of MyRo and his desire for big plunder). Sigil thinks deeply on this oddity but doesn’t really voice his conclusions.

A Challenge Untaken

The party drinks from the mana fountain and feels rejuvinated in mind, body and spirit. With a desire to press their advantage- and track down Kelno – they move through an enormous hallway. The Hallway , as they find out later- is called the Desert Wind – for the sound and feeling of a very dry wind circulates around the room. It is magical in effect, as it even dampens the “everburning torch” which is said to be immune from normal winds, and never goes out. The party does not like the wind and quickly dances up another side passage where they circle around and find a room that acts as a water cystern. Myro detects that there’s magic within the pool of water, but is unable to retrieve it, and the pool is deemed to be too unknown a threat to handle at this time. The party leaves and explores other hallways.

((to be continued))


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