Temple of Elemental Evil

Crushing the Earth Temple

Earth Temple Aespis Consortium

The heroes of Kassen descended into the temple for the…….. none of them were quite sure of how many times it had been, but this time they approached the Temple with a grim determination. They were going to make a big push to crack the 1st level of the temple – and even more determined that they would put an end to the group of Humans they had encountered in the last decent into Evil.

This time there were some changes – Karg had decided to persue a different direction and had left the group – but his replacement was one that was somewhat known to the group. An able healer who had shown potential on previous adventures. As they approached the temple Sigil and Myro decided it was time to deal with the pesky birds – the Temple lookouts – they opened up a salvo of missile shots and 3 horse size birds peeled off to attack the group. It was a quick encountered, with the birds being put to the sword quickly – the group quickly decided that instead of wasting their ammo and power on the birds, it was better directed to the Evil that lie within.

A quick recon of the 1st level of the temple revealed that there were several sentry posts – fortunately for the group, and thanks to the skills of myro and sigil, they were able to sneak up on the Bugbear sentry;s and dispatch them quickly. Sigil had spotted that there was at least one Bugbear sneaking around and spying on the group – so he cleverly set up a warning – using the dead monkey head, he set it at a strategic point in the dungeon which would warn us if we were being followed. Sure enough, as the group waited in a secret passage, the head went off with a wail “I’m here Mother Fucker, I’m here Mother Fucker, I’m here…..” (Ok, so I took a little liberty) – the group broke from their hiding and rushed to the location – quickly dispatching the confused and surprised Bugbear…. meanwhile, as only Myro can, Myro stayed behind to keep an eye on the rear – which is probably a good thing he did. Realizing he was in pitch blackness, he decided to light a sconce – his 6th sense stood him up as a Bugbear attacked and drew first blood. Surprised, Myro rolled, and broke free running to the group. The trap was sprung, the Temple guards had been waiting for us. Instead of pushing their advantage, they pulled back re-grouped – a tactical mistake. The Heroes counter attacked – forced the Temple guards back to a defensive position before throwing a well placed Fireball, decimating all but 2 of the 13 guards. The battle was over before it really began, with the hero’s taking initiative and ramming home their advantage.

The Heroes were lucky enough to take one prisoner – a bargain was struck and the guard spilt his guts and told the party where the barracks were located, total number of guards and other logistical information. The Heroes decided to push their advantage – they proceeded to push toward the guards barracks – unfortunately a bugbear guard spotted Myro and Sigil before they could get the upper hand. The Guards were alerted and proceeded to hold a defensive position. The Hero’s pushed forward, and fought what turned out to be their largest, longest and bloodiest battle thus far. The fight waged back and forth, Sir Reginald and Sigil stood firm on the front line – both sides traded blows, but the upper hand stayed with the hero’s. Exhausted, healing and offensive spell power depleted, the hero’s finally killed the last defender – It was a tough battle, but fortunately for the Hero’s no one lost their lives – but they definitely now know that the temple will not go down without a fight.


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