Temple of Elemental Evil

Breakfast Time in the Forest

Loot from the Fire Temple

From around Game Date: 1/25/2013 : Right after attack on the Fire Temple.
Tobias awakes from his trance, rises and quickly gathers up the items in front of him. He quickly walks towards the camp fire, to those waiting expectantly for good news. Tobias has a smile, and a glint in his eye, much like that of a child at the end of a long Christmas day – tired yet thirsty for more.

Tobias starts, “Ok, gather around, I have identified the items, and inventoried all abilities. There are a couple of interesting items here, but I don’t see much that’s going to change the game any.” Tobias eye’s each of the party member as they approach and take a seat around the fire. He pauses to take drink and clears his throat.

Looking at Sir Reginald and point at the Scale Mail, “The Scale mail is Magical Protection – based on the Arcane field I’ve detected around it, it has 2 levels of protection.” (+2 Scale Mail)

Tobias picks up to Potion and looks at My-Ro “This is not in fact a magical potion, but posion. There are three applications. The poison is from a large scorpion – it drains the victims strength” (1D2 strength drain). Tobias drops the Poison and picks up the Scabbard. continuing, “This is a magical scabbard that endows a magical enchantment on the weapon that is drawn from it. This can only happen but once a day. The power of the enchanment depends on the length – as decided by the person drawing the weapon. The Enchanment can endow upto 4 level of power to the user – for only 1 minute, or 1 level of power for upto 10 minutes”. (Scabbard of Vigor).

Tobias motions towards the scroll “the scoll contains various Mage spells. 4 of the first level of the arcane, 3 of the second level of the arcane”

Tobias picks up the Dagger. He pauses, looks towards My-ro, and looks, as if weighing something – perhaps, who knows…… after several seconds…

“This is an Evil dagger and one that we must be rid of. From what I can tell, and I could spend more time, but that would require we wait here longer, it has a long past, riddled in Evil. It has a name, and is called “Kiss of Death”. It is not cursed, so will not be difficult to be rid of, but it has not only a desire but a goal of some kind. It has an arcane enchantment of the 2nd level of the arcane" Tobias pauses for a second before looking at Sir Reginald “but I can tell that it’s desire is to enact Evil – it is unlike I have ever touched or seen, but I have read of weapons like this”.

At that, Tobias rises, stretches and moves to warm himself by the fire…..

+2 Dagger.
(OOG: This ended up being a Dagger of Vemon)


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