Temple of Elemental Evil

Around the Campfire

Freed Prisoners

The below story happened after the Heroes of Kassen first explored the Temple and liberated prisoners found on the “second” level.

As soon as the group leaves the Temple in the distance, with even the
Gargoyles atop the Front Gates exiting your view, some of the
prisoners break down in tears of relief, some wretch ( but have
nothing in their stomachs) from the long lasting knot in their
stomachs releasing for the first time in weeks.
“Are we safe?” Is a common question as you trek (slowly) to your
camping ground a 1/4 day away. Handing out extra weapons to the men at
arms, and hunting a wild mule provides a good meal for the ragged
group. Around the camp fire backgrounds are told.

Marin (the Barbarian) is in bad shape, they did not feed him for 5
weeks, as the capturers were worried he’d help in an escape. The
others gave him some food, but spare food was not to be had. He can’t
even eat he is so dehydrated and malnourished. He is from the Mammoth
Lands to the North. He traveled south and hooked up with an
adventuring party of 7. Their party was ambushed and only he and
Crespin have survived. He speaks for Crespin as Crespin is very quiet
most of the time. Questions directed at Crespin (or listening to him
mutter under his breath) gets you gibberish like," A good partner is
vital, you have to make bids, and you don’t want to take bags. Good
partner is so important. If you take too many bags, you get a 100
point penalty."

Marin indicates that Crespin was normal, but drank one of his potions
once , and wigged out, he talks like that all the time, but the prison
made things worse. Before capture, Crespin would occassionally make
stuff, drink or eat it and be lucid for short periods of time,

Crespin thinks it’s sad and votes to kill Marin to put him out of his
misery but he only says that once he(Marin) gets MUCH better.

Dakota – is a female merchant age 23 from Eranmus ( down south) .

Her older sister 29 (Charmaine – aka Char) were “Trading the
Encarthan”. They started in Eranmus with a shipfull of Copper and
Mythril ore to trade in Tamran, then buy religious items to trade in
Razmiran (smuggled) , animals to Vellumis and Calliphas. Books and
spices to Greengold.
Char was teaching Dakota the trade and this was Dakota’s maiden voyage
as a bonafide Merchant. She was previously considered a novice.
This time, they had a special shipment of wine all the way from
Alkenstar. They were captured onship and most of the crew killed. This
was after Vellumis about 4 weeks ago.

Both are very distraught over losing their fortunes, cargo,
ship(leased) and business.
Dakota is rethinking her career path and what’s important. Char is
rethinking things in another direction .
During the Campfire Chat where the freed prisoners give an account of themselves,when it’s Charmaine’s (Char) time, she tells a simliar story that her sister mentioned. Charmaine talks about how she is teaching her sister how to be a successful merchant, and feels deeply responsible for putting her into harms way at such a young age (you think that age 23 isn’t very young, but don’t comment as you are shy). During her story, Charmaine looks at each of her liberators with an evaluating eye. She gives you a long gaze, then breaks into a huge smile (it’s a very warm smile, but the attention a pretty woman gives you may make you uncomfortable.). The story continues and she sounds like a very accomplished merchant. She’s dedicated her life to her career, and always strove to become one of the best. While she didn’t have a lot of great contacts around the Eranin Sea, she seemed well established in her home city, until she just lost her fortune. She makes references to being both “broke and an old maid”.
She is certainly not an old maid, as she’s very lithe and attractive!

The story telling moves onto other people, but Charmaine still seems to be looking at you for much of the evening. Even while eating some of the cooked jackass, she mouths " thank you" to you.

Later that evening, weapons are given to Sylmar, Lee and Marin. Not trusting the newcomers, but appreciating the extra help on watches, the three of them are paired off with the rest of your party. You have the last watch, so you settle into your bedroll and close your eyes for sleep. Movement close to you gathers your attention. You see Charmaine with a blanket move towards you and sits down next to you.
“One of the things I didn’t mention around the campfire”, Charmaine’s soothing, whispering voice says without introduction, " is that I was so terribly scared. Not exactly scared of dying, or how I’d die, but scared that I had not really LIVED."
(( you react as you would. Unless interrupted or you run away, she continues)).
"I have done nothing but work, and work my whole life. While I’ve tasted fine wines, and slept in palace chambers, being locked in that dark room gave me time to think. (staring at you and gauging your reaction) Maybe too much time to think. "
“I promised myself that if I survived, I’d know what it is like to be a mom. I MUST have a child. Yes, I’m an old maid, and not as attractive of a woman that a powerful (extra soothing emphasis) man like you are probably used to……. But I’m the only woman around – and you aren’t married.”
" I have nothing to lose, so I hope you don’t mind if I take what I want. " ((and almost under her breath…. and if you do mind, I am very good at changing people’s minds))

She reclines a bit and instead of sitting next to you, she is now lying next to you. The blanket that covered her, is gently smoothed out to cover both her and part of your bed roll.

She doesn’t talk anymore. She only moves her hands, and then her body. Oooohhhh, how well she moves her body. Any attempts by you to resist are met with a longing look from her beautiful eyes. Any words from you, and she whispers , “shhh” as she puts her finger over your mouth.

She moves her body.

She moves her body.

She whispers, almost to herself and not to you, " I want a baby".

" I want a baby before I die."

Heard from the bedroll by those on watch:
Oh God.
Oh God.
Oh God.
Oh God.

[[:sigil | Charmaine]]


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