The Whispering Tyrant spread his brand of Evil far and wide until the Forces of Good mustered, battled, and won (but not without great expense). The Forces of Good under the banner of Iomadae created a buffer zone called Last Wall. It’s Primary mission was to watch the perceived center of the Tyrants power base- GallowSpire. Soon, the neutral zone became a country in it’s own right. For two hundred plus years, with vigilant eyes they watched the haunted country of Ustalav and specifically GallowSpire. Unbeknownst to the guardian army, a location within Last Walls own borders starts to beat a heart of Evil.

Located in the thick of the Fangwood Forest, an old Temple dedicated to the four natural elements of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air are reinvigorated by four secret factions. This Temple of Elemental influence grows in power as it sits in the blindspot of the Iomadae protectors of Last Wall.

The Forces of Evil are growing more and more powerful with each passing day of the Calendar. But where are the Forces of Good? Where are the Heroes of this Age? It is said that Good always defeats Evil, but what if the chess pieces of Good are too young, or too inexperienced, or too faint of heart, or just too late?
Hopefully we will never know that answer because opening the Cathedral sized doors of The Temple of Elemental Evil are 5 young adventurers seeking answers……

Temple of Elemental Evil

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